The difference between what we say and what we do . The ( dis) function is defined by inner forces from our genes , hormones and social context , say the subconscious. Our body language and behavior are the visible from the invisible .My fascination started when I went to work in psychiatry . What motivates a man to be emotionally pathological and why personal preferences in this pathology ? The confrontation with patients who showed having severe behavioral problems show, analyzing someone in psychosis is very fascinating. How does that person function and where does it come from ?

Of course , you are also facing your own psyche and behavior. Why I do what I do? Why don’t I do what I actually should do ? Why do I do things I don’t want to do? All these questions lead to the analysis of ( dis) functioning of the human being in all its various senses, but also to new questions . Why see, hear , taste, smell and feel things that are not there ? Why does one smell like what’s not there and  other sees things that are not there . How can that be ?

Animals operate on the basis of their instincts and their reality , humans also ? The difference between humans and animals is that man can convert cognitive skills into action . Get this cognitive ability out off a  human will they also function based on instinct ? I think so !

Awareness ( cognitive ability ) of behavior in general,  and our own behavior in particular , makes that man can grow above themselves.

My conclusion is that what we accept as the ” social reality ” ( from safety needs) comes from the lowest common denominator , resulting from cognitive skills . There are more “anomalies” in reality than the established “norm ” indicates .  Socially , we call this behaviour ” deviant ” “strange” ” bad” ” criminal” and even ” sick”

My belief is that every person is living in his own universe with its own reality , and it would be nice if we could understanding for this concept and would think from this insight . It’s such a huge enrichment if you open for other ” realities ” . You perceive is so much richer , your spiritual personality and social skills are growing tremendously. It is so much richer than your intellectual baggage. Much fairer too. With your cognitive abilities you can easily manipulate yourself and others without being psychologically in imbalance . Try to go against your own spirituality and you immediately come to a psychological imbalance .

This fascination drives me as a person but also drives me as an artist . Or is it the same ?